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Laser Pilonidal Sinus Treatment at Piles Advise Dehradun
Laser Treatment for Anal Fissure at Piles Advise Dehradun
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Piles Advise : Best Treatment for Piles, Fissure & Fistula with Medicine, Kshar Sutar & Laser in Dehradun

Best Piles Treatment in Dehradun

Our aim to launch this site www.pilesadvise.in is to educate the patient by providing information in a simple language and make them aware about different ano-rectal (different disease of anal region like Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Rectal Prolapse, Pilonidal sinus etc. ) problems. Patient of ano-rectal disease often tend to avoid or postpone seeking expert medical advice due to shyness and the fact that most ano-rectal problems do not demand immediate attention.

A patient of, ano-rectal problem approaches the expert once the condition reaches beyond control for them and that time only surgical option is remain to treat the disease. So we appeal the patients to reach us earlier and get rid of disease by oral Authentic Ayurvedic medicine only with surety of successes. We usually try to cure the patient with oral medication, only 15 to 20 percent patients required surgery who come late to us or doesn’t response the oral medication.

Many patients of anorectal problems directly take medication from quacks or from general physician without direct examination of anal region but there is not only one problem of piles but also there are many diseases including cancer. So patients have to reach anorectal surgeon (having M.S. degree) or Anorectal physician where he gets local examination of anal region and diagnosis of the exact ano-rectal disease to treat it successfully earlier before it gets complicate. This information will help & guide them regarding various issues of ano-rectal treatment.

What makes “Pilesadvise.in” different from other ano-rectal sites is it emphasis general information along with special attention on little known but highly effective ayurveda treatment for, ano-rectal problem.

Thus “pilesadvise.in” is an information superstore for ano-rectal problem.

The hospital has comprehensive facilities of special Ayurvedic treatments like ksharsutra, Ksharvarti, Ksharkarma, Taila Vasti etc along with modern techniques like Injection Therapy, Barron’s Rubber Band Ligation, MIPS (STAPLER), Laser, and Electro cautery, Harmonic scalpel etc. for treating various ano-rectal diseases. Proper investigations, perfect diagnosis and 100 % sure results with highly effective our own research medicine and formulation are the things responsible for our grand success in Ayurveda field. According to the different diseases and their stages, we adopt special and different surgical techniques and equipment’s.

Piles treatment in Dehradun 


What is Piles ?

Piles is a commonly used term for the medical term “Hemorrhoids”

What are the symptoms of piles?

It is suspected  when the patient has complaints of bleeding while passing stools/ has pain while passing stools or feels that something is coming out of the anus while passing stools. Most of the times the patient has associated constipation to these symptoms.

How are piles diagnosed?

Clinical examination by an expert surgeon especially digital rectal examination is required. It is pertinent to mention that only the surgeon can differentiate between hemorrhoids , fissure and anorectal cancer which can further be confirmed by biopsy in case of a suspected cancer.
The severity of piles can range from 1st to 4th degree where the piles are so severe that they are lying outside and need to be manually reposited inside.

What is the treatment of piles ?

Early stage 1st piles can be managed medically by medicines, ointment, laxatives and sitz bath.
Severe cases and those not responding to medical management are managed surgically.
Surgical treatment includes the traditional open technique of cutting and stitching the piles. new method includes the “Stapeled haemorroidectomy “or the “LASER “treatment which is the process of burning up the piles mass with infra red radiation.

What is the main cause of piles?/ Causes of piles in female?

Piles is a commonly used word for the technical word Haemorrhoids. It is swelling of the veins around the anal opening. Constipation and straining while passing stools are the main causes of piles. Pregnancy / obesity / chronic diarrhoea /anal intercourse &heavy weight lifting are also important causes of piles. Many a times there is a family history of piles.

How long does piles last?

Piles can be graded from 1st  to 4th degree . It can be acute (of short duration) or chronic (lasting for many years). Early stage piles may shrink within a week or so. While advanced stages may last for several years.

What is the best treatment for piles?

Treatment modality of piles varies according to the degree of piles. In the early stage medical management may suffice. Early stages surgical procedure is banding and sclerotherapy. While in advanced stages closed/ haemorroidectomy /laser ablation is done.

What food causes piles?

Decrease water intake and less fruit/salad/ green leafy vegetables in diet can cause piles. Excess of fatty/ spicy food / processed food, fast food/ meat/ excess dairy leads to constipation and straining during defecation and are likely to cause piles.

Are piles dangerous? What happens if piles is not treated?

Piles is a benign disease with no potential to turn into malignant (cancerous). It however causes a lot of  constant discomfort and has a high potential for haemorrhage (bleeding). Sometimes there may be severe pain and clotting in piles (thrombosed piles.)

Symptoms of piles ? Symptoms of piles in female?

The symptoms of piles are the same in males and females. Common symptoms are pain / mucoid discharge from the anal area/bleeding,/itching in the anal area/feeling of lump in the anal area, feeling of incomplete passage of stools. Females are more prone to piles during pregnancy as the heavy uterus that puts pressure on veins also the blood supply increases during pregnancy.

External piles treatment?

External piles can be removed by a small procedure under local anaesthesia.

Food for piles?

Increase intake of water/ salads & green leafy vegetables can cure and prevent constipation and in turn cure and treat piles in the early stages. On the other hand fatty spicy food and foods that cause constipation can lead to piles.

How are piles diagnosed?

Piles can be diagnosed on digital rectal examination by an experienced surgeon and proctoscopy/ anoscopy.

What should I sit on if I have piles?

A person with piles can comfortably sit on a cushion to avoid discomfort.

Do’s and don’ts in piles?

Do’s  :sit comfortably on a soft cushion , increase intake of water / salads/ green leafy vegetables in diet. Sitting in a hot water tub (sitz bath) does help.
Don’ts avoid straining at the time of passing stools. Avoid fatty oily spicy food and constipation causing foods.

Are thrombosed piles dangerous?

Thrombosed piles are dangerous because they tend to cause severe pain and can cause bleeding.

Which doctor should I consult for piles?

You must consult the Best Surgeon in Dehradun for Piles. Dr Lalit Chaudhry at Piles Advise is an experienced Piles Doctor in Dehradun.

Complications of piles?

Complication s can be pain, bleeding , thrombosis / strangulation.

Can you get piles from sitting too long on toilet?

Straining at the time of passing stools and sitting for prolonged periods in toilet definitely contribute to the cause and aggravation of piles.

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